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The Eldertainment system features a 10.1” touchscreen display, with its built-in ageing care modules powered by Android 10 OS with a 3GB of RAM on 32GB of local storage space.
The Eldertainment system is suited for use both in a private setting at home, or in professional geriatric care facilities such as hospitals or elderly nursing homes.

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Eldertainment System

Increase productivity for caregiver and better quality of life for elderly

Created with the intent of promoting healthy ageing, the Eldertainment system is an
all-in-one multimedia system with content, games and videoconferencing facilities to
help keep elderly parents engaged with their hobbies, mentally active, and in touch
with their loved ones.
The intuitive user interface, with image-based shortcuts and larger fonts, was
designed for the elderly and validated through focus groups and user immersion
tests. Curated TV programs, movie titles and music content are stored in respective
multimedia libraries for easy streaming. Custom-designed games help seniors
exercise their mental muscles and maintain their cognitive skills. Medication
reminder, text, voice and picture messaging are come with the system.

The onetouch video call module allows convenient face-to-face interaction with their family
and friends, reducing social isolation among the elderly.

Eldertainment Panel for Seniors


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